STD-10 Maths Practice Book For GSEB SSC Students

STD-10 Maths Practice Book For GSEB SSC Students

GSEB SSC Maths Practice Book Download PDF

STD-10 Maths Practice Book For GSEB SSC Students
Maths Practice Book

Introduction We are happy to present the study material for the year 2020-21 by the District Education Officer's Office, Mehsana. The study material was prepared by the District Education Officer, Mehsana for quality improvement for the main subjects of Std.  At the same time, keeping in view the new trends in education, the district level has tried to prepare a detailed plan for the children of schools with less than 30% result to prepare for the exams.  

Maths Study Material for SSC Students

It is the moral responsibility of all of you to ensure that this study reaches all the students of the real district and that the students of the district achieve excellent results by excelling in the next board examination.  All of you teachers and principals will prepare the students for the exam through this study material and you will plan well from our level according to the good result in the main subjects. 

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This study material will be inspiring and guiding for the teachers as well as the students. The current situation of Covid-19 is being studied through online teaching, broadcasting of Vande Gujarat and DD Girnar as well as direct education. 

In order to reduce the stress of the students in the present situation, as per the decision taken by the Government, the subject syllabus of Std.  For the year 2020-21, the proportion of objective questions has been increased to 30% and the proportion of descriptive questions has been increased to 30% in the examination question paper of Std-9,10,11, the proportion of 30% multiple-choice questions and 50% descriptive questions is the same.  

STD-10 Maths Practice Book free pdf download

In Std-9 to 12, in the question paper, in the descriptive type of questions, the general option will be given instead of the internal option.  Due to the situation of Covid-19, according to the change made in the examination system of Poran-9 to 12, the office of the District Education Officer, Mehsana has increased the result and educational quality of the students of the schools of Mehsana district which have less than 50% result in Std-10.  


I would like to heartily commend the work done by the experts in preparing literature for the main subjects of Std. 10, Mathematics, Science, English and Social Sciences, to provide examination-oriented incentives with the auspicious intention of boosting the confidence of the students. 

Congratulations to the contributing experts, principals and staff as well as District Education Officer Dr. AK Modhpatel, who is the captain of Team Education Mehsana. "The floor is found only by those who have lived in their dreams. 

SSC Maths Study Material Pdf Download For Free

At present due to the global epidemic (COVID - 19) Panderi / c, the Department of Education of the Government of Gujarat has provided online education to the students with the help of different mediums under Horrie learning.  Due to the fact that direct education has not been started for a long time in the current situation, the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has reduced the curriculum from 9th to 12th in the interest of students in the academic year 2020-21 by 30%.  

As well as changes have been made in the examination system, according to the pattern decided by the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in the academic year 2020-21.  A humble attempt has been made by the expert teachers of Std. 10 of the district to prepare a very useful literature on the subject of Mathematics, Science, English and Social Science.  Will prove.  

At this stage, the expert teacher friends/principals have given their invaluable time in preparing this literature.  I thank them and congratulate all the friends for this noble work.