Gujarat Primary School Teachers and Students Online Hajari New Server Link Check here now

Gujarat Primary School Teachers and Students Online Hajari New Server Link Check it now

Education is the basic right of a child to grow and fit into a society in constant change and development. An educated child forms the backbone of society. School is the temple of learning and can be a joyous experience for children.

But for MCD elementary school students, there is very little to celebrate. Students sitting on mattresses inside a tent or outdoors in the absence of buildings, without electricity, clean water and sanitary facilities are the common sight of an MCD-run primary school in Delhi state. 

The condition of existing school buildings is no better with leaks and cracks for maintenance and repair. Classrooms, desks, chairs and teaching materials are a distant dream. The challenges facing a MCD student are multiple.

Delhi has 1,844 MCD-run primary schools. Based on data from 1999-2000, DCM schools represent approximately 67% of primary schools and 64% of primary school enrollment in Delhi.

However, with the addition of several schools each year to meet the needs of a growing population, MCD is struggling to provide the many facilities that a school needs. Shiksha Abhyan strives to make a connection between individuals, NGOs, and businesses to help enrich a child's world in their growing years.

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