Moghvari Rate in Gujarat | Moghvari Bhattha no Kotho - મોંઘવારી ભથ્થાનો કોઠો

Moghvari Rate in Gujarat | Moghvari Bhattha no Kotho

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Moghvari Rate in Gujarat
Moghvari Bhattha Kotho
મોંઘવારી ભથ્થાનો કોઠો
મોંઘવારી ભથ્થું જુલાઈ 2023
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મોંઘવારી ભથ્થું ગણતરી 

Moghavari Rate Gujarat: The Corona crisis has had a devastating effect on the world economy.  In India, too, the lockdown has hit business employment.  

Moghvari Rate in Gujarat | Moghvari Bhattha no Kotho - મોંઘવારી ભથ્થાનો કોઠો
Moghvari Kotho

At the same time, the central government also faced a huge financial deficit.  Meanwhile, the Modi government has taken a big decision regarding the expensive allowance to government employees.

The decision will be made on DA from June 2021
મોંઘવારી ભથ્થું 2023Let me tell you that we have received information from the Central Government that after June 2023, a decision will be taken regarding the expensive allowances of government employees.

It may be mentioned here that the central government had banned the inflation allowance due to the inability of economic activities to run smoothly in the Koro crisis.  

At present the allowance is given at the rate of 17 per cent but after the increase it is reduced to 21 per cent but now the Modi government has banned it.

Impact on more than 55 lakh employees

Employees and pensioners are hoping that the government can provide relief on DA after June 2021 and if that happens then salaries and pensions will go up.

The central government increases the DM on January 1 and July 1.  It had increased by 4 per cent in January this year alone.  It is currently affecting more than 50 lakh employees and more than 55 lakh pensioners.

Moghvari Rate in Gujarat

An important resolution for the state government employees and pensioners has been announced by the finance department on September 22.  

With effect from July 1, 2021, employees and pensioners will be paid an inflation allowance of 28 per cent, an increase of 11 per cent over the current 17 per cent.  In short, the rate of inflation allowance has been increased by 11 per cent.  

The decision was taken by the central government in July and was then announced by the state government on September 6.  

મોંઘવારી ભથ્થામાં વધારો 2023The resolution was pending as the political situation in the state changed overnight, which led to confusion over the payment of 28 per cent increase in the basic salary as per the new rates.

Moghvari Bhattha Kotho | મોંઘવારી ભથ્થાનો કોઠો

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