NMMS (National Merit Cum Means Scholarship) Exam Daily Online Videos

NMMS (National Merit Cum Means Scholarship) Exam Daily Online Videos

In May 2008, the centrally sponsored "National Merit and Means Scholarship Scheme (NMMSS)" was launched. The objective of the plan is to award scholarships to deserving students from economically weaker sectors to stop their dropout in class VIII and to encourage them to continue their study at the secondary stage. Scholarship of Rs. 12000 / - per year (Rs. 1000 / - per month) per student is awarded to selected students each year to study in classes IX to XII in state government, government-funded schools and local schools.

There is a scholarship fee for different states / UT. Students whose income from parents from all sources does not exceed Rs. 1,50,000 / - are eligible to take advantage of scholarships. There is a reserve according to state government regulations. The selection of students who award the scholarships is made through an examination conducted by the State Governments. Scholarships are disbursed quarterly by the State Bank of India directly into students' bank accounts.

The National Merit Cum Merit Scholarship Exam will be held for Gujarat on February 28, 2021. In order to sit for the exam, the candidate must present the admission ticket to the card room which will be available after submitting the form of successful application. have studied at std 8 will be considered or eligible for the exam.


GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.27/1/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.28/1/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.29/1/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.31/1/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.1/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.2/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.3/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.4/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.5/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.8/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.9/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.10/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.11/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.12/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.14/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.15/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.16/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.17/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.18/2/2022

GIET NMMS કલાસ તા.19/2/2022

Students studying at "Kendriya Vidalayas and" Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalayas "are not eligible for scholarships under this scheme. Similarly, students studying at residential schools run by state government institutions, where boarding school facilities are provided, accommodation and education, and students studying in private schools are also not eligible for the scholarship under this scheme.

NMMS ની અગાઉની પરીક્ષાના પેપર અને સોલ્યુશન માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો. 

Proposals / recipient list for the academic year are required to be submitted / uploaded online through the National Scholarship Portal (NSP).

The NMMS centrally sponsored plan is run by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. A written exam is carried out for the delivery of a scholarship. Candidates who do well on the exam receive a certain amount of money per year.

NMMS ઑનલાઇન ટેસ્ટ માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.